Adelheid West

We joined 4H in fall of 2020.

It was a year defined by COVID-19, social unrest and increasing political polarization. Our lives transitioned into virtual spaces. Virtual spaces that increasingly filter interactions to people who live like us, think like us, and vote like us.

I appreciate the skills my children learn as 4H members. They research, keep budgets, maintain records, practice communication skills, learn parliamentary procedure, and work hard on their projects.

But what I think is most important about 4H is that it provides a space in which my children regularly interact with people of different backgrounds and ideologies. They respectfully collaborate, support each other, and make amazing things happen. The success of which is demonstrated each year at the Missoula County Fair.

A dedicated 4H building will increase the ability of youth in Missoula County to participate in 4H. The $19 million general obligation bond will cost $7.44 a year/$100,000 of taxable home value, ending in 20 years when the bond is paid.

I am willing to pay that. 4H provides my children with the skills they need to thrive and to improve the world around them - and that is priceless.