Liz Heaney

We have done somethings as a County that I am not proud of and it has harmed residents, their health, water, soils, the environment, elk migration corridor and our wildlife.

One would expect Missoula County to correct their wrongs when brought to their attention over and over again. Yet, Missoula County ignored the County attorney's recommendations in 2008 and continued to issue documents authorizing an illegal industrial open cut gravel mine to expand in a residentially zoned neighborhood, add asphalt production, gravel washing, underground storage tanks, concrete production, extend the end date to 2045, and sell the operation at what would appear to be a nice profit.

So why won't Missoula County Commissioners correct past wrong doings? Why would an engineering firm present information that didn't match public records? Why would the planning dept go along with all of it? And where is the Compliance Dept in all of this?

Why are residents' rights being violated and left out to dry with ignored zoning laws, compromised wells, health, air quality, water, our food source gardens and soils issues? Yes, we have been in touch with DNRC and DEQ who offer no assistance.

Who will stand up for the elk now that their migration corridor is compromised? Who will stand with Bitterroot residents? If you are as angered as we are by these actions, please see our Facebook page: Carlton Protection Trust. If it can happen to us, it can happen to you.