Glenn Moffatt

Wow, another 600-unit apartment building to further degrade our environment and way of life. I think Missoulians need to reconsider the value of all this construction.

I think it’s a Bozeman developer. Hmm, let’s take a look at Bozeman, it’s so overcrowded and really just no fun to go there anymore. It’s a bunch of glitz disguised as wild Montana.

We’ve lost our way of life in western Montana, but why keep adding more stuff to an already crowded town? Why keep letting so many out-of-state and in-state developers ruin so much valued agricultural and recreational land.

Increased taxes, overcrowded neighborhoods, crammed schools, parking, traffic nightmares, and so much jet noise from so many low-flying planes. Every time we try to mitigate one of these problems we usually make it worse.

I think we should try to deal with some economic issues in a way that doesn’t compromise our way of life. It would/will require a lot of creative energy to come up with other ideas that didn’t rely on so much building.

We can’t build our way to a great environment. The way it stands now, I think we’re building an unhappy place. Maybe less would be more!