Brian Upton

As a resident of Missoula’s Ward 3, I have long appreciated Gwen Jones as my City Council representative.

She has been a great advocate for citizen interests and she works hard to address issues that make real differences in people’s lives. She has worked to respond to myriad issues raised by her constituents, ranging from park and trail access to housing, zoning and planning.

She is a great communicator and has been very transparent when discussing city issues, policy rationales, and her decision-making. Her skills are what led her to serve as President of the City Council, as well as Interim Mayor after the tragic passing of Mayor John Engen.

I know Gwen to be genuinely interested in talking with citizens about their concerns, and I know her to be proactive in working to resolve problems and concerns involving the City of Missoula.

Due to her record of hard work, open communication and depth of knowledge, I am voting to re-elect her as my Ward 3 representative and I encourage others to do the same.