Mandela van Eeden

As an outdoor guide, sportswoman and third generation Montanan, I am deeply disappointed by Gov. Gianforte’s veto of Senate Bill 442. Gianforte’s SB 442 veto takes tens of millions of dollars away from wildlife, rural communities, veterans, and public access. It also ignores the wishes of over 130 legislators and countless Montanans: Republican, Democrat, and Independent.

SB 442 is a once-in-a-generation bill that meets the needs of many Montanans, improves the condition of the land, protects our hunting and fishing opportunities for future generations and offers support and recognition to the heroes and their spouses who served America in the armed services.

Not only has every conservation organization in the state signed on in support of SB 442, it has the support of veteran groups, healthcare groups, rural county leadership, agriculture associations, industry groups, and over 130 legislators. It seems that everyone in Montana sees SB 442 for what it is: a monumental bill that reflects the will of Montana voters.

We need you to help keep democracy on course by speaking up. I would like to thank you in advance for participating in the legislative process by urging the Governor to send his veto letter to the Secretary of State so she can poll the legislature. Write an Op-ed or LTE to submit to your local paper, share this message on social media, and be sure to support the Montana Wildlife Federation by reaching out for more ways you can help.