Wilmot Collins

Today, more than ever, Montana needs great leadership. As our state government is dominated by culture crusaders, we need thoughtful people who can tackle our problems on a local level. Mike Nugent is that leader for Missoula.

Like many communities around the West, Missoula is at a crossroads, facing a housing crisis compounded by rising property taxes on residences and declining property taxes on large corporations. The failures at the state level to address this inequity leave our communities to find answers for everyday Montanans.  Mike is a creative problem-solver who will work to deliver real results.

Indeed, I’ve seen Mike advocate at the Montana legislature for common sense housing solutions. He stood up to protect the rights of tenants in mobile home communities and he stood up to ensure affordable housing options were available in every neighborhood. Above all, Mike holds himself accountable to his community.

I know Montana can be a model for finding solutions to the challenges facing communities around the West. I need a colleague and teammate to get that hard work done and Mike is that person. Missoula deserves – and our state needs – a leader like him.

Wilmot Collins is the Mayor of Helena