Dave Harmon

A good mayor can't be a specialist in just one issue, they need the expertise and creativity to address them all. This includes the biggest challenge facing us all: climate change.

Along with leading on affordable housing, helping those in crisis and tax reform, Mayor Jordan Hess is focused on keeping Missoula resilient and strong in the face of this global crisis. Extreme weather poses a threat to our health, safety and economic welfare in Missoula, just as it does everyplace else, and Mayor Hess knows this.

While on City Council, Jordan was steadfast in supporting Missoula's fight to own its water utility. This victory will protect water for future generations of Missoulians in a time when water is becoming increasingly more scarce.

As transportation director at UM, he led the way to bring electric passenger buses to Montana. And as mayor, he's instituted a "climate lens" to help the city reduce its climate impacts and become more resilient. He's keeping the City of Missoula on track to achieve 100% clean energy by 2030.

None of his opponents compare with Jordan's experience and dedication to fighting climate change. He's got my vote, and he should have yours, too.