Julie Parker
As a parent of adult children who are trying to remain in Missoula, their hometown, the lack of affordable housing to buy or rent is a barrier. Further, I want my grandchildren to live in a healthy environment.
I'm voting for Mayor Jordan Hess because we need someone who has a decade of experience working on the issues that matter most to Missoulians and who understands how these complex issues intersect.

Take housing, for example. Mayor Hess helped create the first local Affordable Housing Trust Fund in the state. And he's been a promoter of smart growth. That means making sure affordable multi-unit housing also has access to clean, free public transit (while working at UM, Hess helped introduce electric buses to Missoula) that connects people to work, school and shopping, along with parks and open space. (Mayor Hess was a strong advocate for Missoula's popular Open Space Bond).

Hess understands that access to outdoor recreation in or close to town is important when wildfires, exacerbated by our climate crisis, block access to wilderness areas. Mayor Hess also instituted a climate lens to help the City of Missoula reduce its carbon impacts.

Many struggles we currently face are, in part, due to issues beyond Missoula and in our state legislature. It is imperative to choose a mayor with extensive experience at both the local and the state legislative levels. He is the candidate that has experience working with the Montana legislature as they continue to push the state tax burden onto local property taxes that impact our homeowners and renters. The Montana legislature is also working to take away local control of our city including our schools.

Having a leader who's experienced and knowledgeable about how all the pieces fit together is vital given the challenges we face due to growth, affordability and climate. Mayor Hess is the only candidate with this expertise, plus much more. Vote for the candidate with the most essential and relevant experience. Vote for Mayor Jordan Hess.