Gary Stein

Regarding the proposed expansion of Holland Lake Lodge by Utah-based POWDR corporation, the United States Forest Service needs to provide a full public comment period for this project proposal. It should not be providing POWDR an exclusion from an environmental impact statement.

I would hope that the USFS, private businesses, and elected officials will listen to citizens, community councils, and residents for a more agreeable solution to this, and future growth or development plans. Trust that the local population has a deeper understanding of their citizen’s role as custodians of this public land and the relationship of people to this place.

If you are unsure how you feel about this proposal to significantly expand Holland Lake Lodge, go to POWDR’s website. Decide for yourself if POWDR’s corporate mission is compatible with your vision for the Holland Lake area.  For me, POWDR’s proposed expansion of Holland Lake Lodge is selfish and inconsiderate. I’m deeply concerned that POWDR’s growth plan will only develop wealth for POWDR.

If POWDR is environmentally conscious, they would not propose this current expansion plan. An environmentally sustainable plan would look to rebuild/refit current structures, use either or both wind and solar energy for all new structures, and use substantial water conservation methods to mitigate the impact of increased human occupation on water supply.

Gary Stein is the Democrat candidate representing HD 92 in the Montana State House of Representatives.