Carolyn Leiws
Shame on you, Mike Hopkins!
Two years ago, when my husband, Tom Browder of Seeley Lake, was running against you for House District 92, your campaign committee sent out at least FOUR campaign cards sliming Tom and his race for the seat.
Now it's happening again. I just received a campaign card disparaging your opponent this year, Gary Stein. "DC Liberals have given Gary Stein his marching orders!" with scary photos of Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and AOC (last time it was Chuck Schumer), alongside a benign photo of a smiling Gary Stein.
Can't you be more original? This is the same untrue garbage that your team sent out two years ago, only your target is now another capable, concerned, and open-minded citizen.
I predict that over the next week I will receive at least 3 more of these attack cards.  Will the next one say that Gary Stein and Nancy Pelosi are "Peas in a Pod?" Will it accuse Gary of wanting to "tear down Mt. Rushmore?"  This is all recycled nonsense, and it is below your dignity.
I was at the September 12 Seeley Lake Community Council meeting that you attended.  I was actually impressed with how you stated your case and spoke to our local Seeley Lake audience. I was ready to give back some of the respect that I lost for you in 2020.  No more. Now it's totally gone.
And Mike - don't even bother to "disavow" these mailings, as you did when you attacked Tom two years ago.  I know that we will see the same untrue accusations from you and your team during the next two weeks.
I'm disappointed that you stoop to such a low level. You get a +10 for meanness, and a -10 for creativity. Shame on you.
Carolyn Lewis, Seeley Lake