Andrew Posewitz

What if government actually ran like the private sector?

If government ran more like the private sector, government would be better. Having spent most of my 30-year career in the private sector, I agree.

I earned a role as the senior director of operations for a company that employed 8,000 trade workers whose skill and experience determined whether we succeeded. We worked on military assets, so failure was not an option.

The private sector posts job openings including the required skills/experience and applicants apply. Resume screening ensures the candidate meets the minimum requirements of the job. Using this as our guide, James Brown wouldn’t get an interview for the position of Montana Supreme Court justice.

He has exactly zero experience as a judge and has very little as a lawyer. His opponent Ingrid Gustafson has 20 years of experience as a judge, has been appointed to the bench by governors of both parties and reelected by us.

Brown’s commercials demand you hear his dog whistles and ignore his resume. If you have ever wanted government to function like the private sector, please join me in supporting Ingrid Gustafson for the Montana Supreme Court.