Ed Regan

When choosing a candidate for the Montana Supreme Court, we need to have someone who knows Montana law. We can’t afford to become a state that has justices who rule in favor of his or her own political beliefs and don’t truly understand the Montana code and statute.

Supreme Court candidate Jermiah Lynch has a long history in the federal judiciary where he has made it clear he has a political agenda that guides his court decisions.

This is the exact opposite of what we need in a Montana Supreme Court Justice. We need someone who knows Montana law and will remain impartial in their ruling.

Cory Swanson fits the bill of what we need on Montana’s highest court. He’s served a decade as one of Montana’s top prosecutors who knows Montana law and is doing what he can to preserve the Montana way of life.

Cory has made it clear that political and judicial interpretations are two different things, siding with preserving justice by interpreting the law as it was written. When voting for Chief Justice, vote Cory Swanson.

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