Jim Edwards

Rumor has it that our crackerjack Attorney General (AG) Austin Knutson is looking to have spending of Montana’s portion of the $50 billion opioid settlement managed through his office rather than the traditional, little-known public arm which normally manages these funds, the “state council”.

AG Knutson is needing funding for his initiative to monitor which women in our state are seeking abortions, as well as needed funding to monitor any/all transgender minors seeking gender-affirming care.

This much needed oversight (and monitoring) may be very expensive, and AG Knutson - rather than seeking funding for these two patriotic missions through legislation (which could potentially require new taxes on Montanans), believes funding this critical oversight is best accomplished by utilizing this windfall from the opioid settlement. (To be clear, I’m hearing this through the rumor mill.)

AG Knutson is considering (this is again second-hand), using our Highway Patrol Officers to be available as soon as these trans kids or expectant mothers are identified, to intervene, so as to enforce the limited government Knutson so strongly believes in. All I can say is: YOU GO-GIRL!

Jim Edwards is a retired health insurance consultant in Helena.