Grant Alban

The Continental Divide Trail south of Rogers Pass displays the dichotomy of Montana’s outdoors. To the west one sees the Scapegoat Wilderness and pine forests. To the east the mountains turn to plains, and you can see the vast openness of Montana.

I was lucky to get reminded of this view while attending the Scapegoat 50th anniversary celebration in September. The event was a great success and showed how Lincoln provides a variety of outdoor opportunities for locals and visitors.

Unfortunately, Lincoln has felt the struggles of a changing economy. With the economic reality of a shrinking mining and timber industry, many businesses in downtown Lincoln have struggled to keep their doors open.

This is an all too familiar picture seen throughout the Mountain West. Towns that once were thriving are struggling to find a footing in today’s world.

Thankfully, there is a proposed solution for Lincoln. The Lincoln Prosperity Proposal would not only protect the places Montanan’s work and play, but would provide economic opportunities through restoration, conservation and recreation.

The Lincoln Prosperity Proposal would help the communities along the upper Blackfoot River transition their economies and grow. This is a local citizen-led initiative. People from the community with different interests and goals came together to focus not on what separates them, but how they can improve their community.

The Lincoln Prosperity Proposal will help these local communities and natural areas thrive for years to come. It deserves support from Montanans and our delegation.