Jerome Walker
When I practiced medicine, one of the hardest things was telling folks news they hadn’t expected and didn’t want to hear.
It’s human nature to not accept bad news at first. Most people, though, after some time had passed and maybe after a second opinion, did accept the unwanted news.
A few did not, however, and turned down treatment that could have helped. Seldom if ever did this turn out well.
Now retired, I watched all nine hearings of the January 6th Committee. The evidence presented, almost entirely from members of the former President’s own party, administration, and even family, clearly showed there was no fraud and the loser knew this.
The word “evidence,” by the way, comes from an older word meaning “that which comes from seeing.”
A recent poll showed 29% of American adults still say they believe the former President lost the election because of fraud, exactly the same percentage as before the hearings began. I’ve seen this before, and fear that this won’t turn out well either for any of us.