David James

What was your impression of President Biden’s speech about calling the MAGA GOP—not all Republicans—semi-fascist? If you believe in the Big Lie or watch FOX News, you wouldn’t be pleased.

However, if you believe in democracy, if you are a woman, a homosexual, a parent of a transgender child, a health-care worker, or a public-school teacher you might agree with the president.

Let the facts present themselves. The January 6th Insurrection and attacks on our democracy. MAGA passed 486 voter restrictions throughout America—including Montana—this year. Then there are the restrictions on women’s control over their own bodies, including the Montana GOP’s plan for total ban and strict adherence to the party, and the US Supreme Court's intention to rewrite Americans’ personal freedoms.

And, there are the attacks on public health officials over vaccinations and masks, which cost thousands of lives; or the attacks on public school teachers over teaching about racism, the Holocaust, or fictitious “grooming” in schools. The rise of anti-government and racist white legislative associations and the discrediting of fair elections.

Scapegoating minorities and immigrants. Or, making enemies of their neighbors because of their political beliefs. The so-called party of “law and order” has attacked law enforcement in our nation’s capital and the FBI when it suits them. And last but not least, the MAGA GOP has shown they are preparing to control the levers of elections to ensure GOP winning in perpetuity, meaning the end of democracy.

Most Americans don’t want what the MAGA GOP offers. Would the election of scandal-plagued and public land ‘gifter’ Ryan Zinke, or insurrectionist without a plan to help Montana’s Matt Rosendale make America great? Ryan Zinke is so embroiled in controversy, he’s absent from many campaign events. He was forced to leave the most corrupt presidency in American history.

President Biden needed to draw a line in the sand to the American public. Like it or not, America cannot exist as a democracy if the MAGA GOP takes control of our government. Republicans created the MAGA-monster that condones racism and hate, and they bear full responsibility for banishing democratic norms.

David James
David James

Many could have spoken out about what was happening, but haven’t. To many, it was deeply satisfying to hear Biden call 'a spade a spade' as my Dad would say. And when he said, “You can't love your country only when you win,” he was speaking to the MAGA-Republicans but also to all of us who fought so hard and continue to fight for the inclusive America we aspire to, where everyone has an equal chance, and the rule of law means no one is above the law.

This is what’s at stake at the ballot box this November.

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