Bryan St. Germain
This article you published was full of misinformation. I had to laugh when I saw in 2000 that marijuana only had 5% THC. Completely untrue. Marijuana with much more THC was around since the eighties, 15-20%. In the 1960s it might of only contained 5%.
Your words "marijuana illness or sickness" is ridiculous. Just a scare tactic, like "schizophrenic symptoms." It is so much safer than alcohol.
I'm 49 years old and have never known anyone go to the hospital for marijuana. It actually helps more people with anxiety than not. The laws are it is legal for people over 21 and youth should not be using it. Sounds like a parenting issue to me.
Marijuana has lots of beneficial health effects and when the federal government reschedules the drug, which they will, we will be able to research and collect REAL data to develop all kinds of new medicines.
A drug that can stop seizures in children and calm kids with autism has amazing potential. The propaganda and ignorance has to stop.
Remember, it doesn't matter if marijuana is legal or not, it has always been available everywhere. Kids have always had it.
The industry is so heavily regulated and taxed I imagine it is hard to enforce all the different aspects, but the United States is accepting the full legalization in state after state. So please write an article telling parents to take responsibility and not the adult use marijuana industry carrying all the responsibility.