Hudson Pullen

On May 7th of this year, Missoula County Public Schools will be holding elections for the Board of Trustees. These elections are for two K-12 trustee seats and three high school trustee seats, and while this is one of the most important elections affecting the people of Missoula, very little people know about the election and its importance.

Our public schools are the bedrock of our community, and our election for the board is the most important election for our community and our children’s futures. Having been taught in public schools, I know the importance that board policies play in the quality of education students receive and how that affects their futures.

If we are to ignore this important election and allow for a board which does not work on behalf of the voters and our youth, we are doing a great disservice to our community.

All eligible Missoulians should be registering to vote as soon as possible before the late registration period begins on April 7th. Once the late registration period begins, you will have to register in person with the county election administrator.

If we are to better our children’s education and futures, it is vital that all qualified voters register as soon as possible and vote in the May 7th school board elections.