Jerome Walker

I was outraged to learn that Governor Gianforte recently sent Montana National Guard troops to Texas to defend our southern border. Does he plan to leave our northern border unprotected?

Doesn’t he know Canadians plan to poison our blood by sending their criminals and mentally ill to take away Montana jobs, threaten our wives and daughters, bring terrible diseases, and also flood Montana with cheap and probably addicting drug products?

Fortunately, Canadians can be easily identified by their extreme politeness, strange speech, like saying “aye” instead of “yes”, and love for drinking tea. Once identified they must be immediately body-slammed, put in detention camps, separated permanently from their children, and then deported.

Texas, with 30 million people, should be sending troops to help us, not the other way around! Our National Guard could work with theirs to build a beautiful border wall right across the Rockies, using readily available rocks mortared with cow droppings.

This would, of course, separate Glacier National Park from Canada’s Waterton Provincial Park, together an International Peace Park. The border, however, must be defended, and Canada must pay for it, as Mexico did.

What was Governor Gianforte thinking?