Jim Edwards
Have you no shame Ryan Zinke? What happened to you? Where have the Reagan, the Racicot Republicans gone? Why are there Trump flags, he’s not our President anymore? Ryan, why aren’t you running on your own accomplishments instead of trying to ride Trumps coattails? Are you a RINO? I think you are a Trump acolyte, are you?

I was a Zinke fan when he first entered politics - not anymore. Zinke was initially a good Montana legislator, then he got the opportunity of a lifetime, work in President Trump’s Cabinet. Ryan’s true character came out when he relocated to D. C.; he showed he belonged in the swamp by quickly moving to enrich his personal wealth. He got fired - who does that?? Zinke had a chance to make us proud, instead, he embarrassed us.

A Navy Seal VS an Olympian? Tough choice? Who’s got more character? Not much of a contest there? Monica Tranel has more character by a mile; she is smarter, tougher & more authentic. She’s not a pretend cowboy, her dad was a psychologist who chose to raise his family of 10 kids on a ranch, a Montana ranch.

Our country, our state, can’t afford another old, fat, white guy making laws that affect 50% of our population; women, it’s time to “take your country back!” I’m a D-lite and a proud cross-over voter, always have been. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have written this letter, today, I’m compelled to.