I recently read a guest view authored by Christi Jacobson, our Secretary of State. A year into office, I think she’s doing a great job.

One of the office’s primary responsibilities is overseeing and ensuring fair and accurate elections. Her predecessor, Republican Corey Stapleton, was in the news far too often; it’s a job best done when you’re not “making news.”  The last thing I remember from Stapleton’s tenure is his stating that President Joe Biden won here in Montana and that the 2020 election was fair and accurate.

Jacobson’s article spoke to the National Democrats efforts to takeover Montana’s elections. Maybe? Probably an overstatement. It would be refreshing if she would speak directly to the goofball Montana Republican legislators who can’t accept yes for an answer.

These folks want a statewide recount of the 2020 election where they had a clean sweep - won everything. The Missoula County Republican Party (MCRP), trying to placate the “ad hoc election integrity committee” (herein referred to as GOOFBALLS), has agreed to recount the county’s "affirmation envelopes" - but this offer by the MCRP is referred to by the goofballs as merely an attempt to “discredit our work?” 

If you dig a little bit, do some research, you will learn – same as me - that a primary malfeasance committed against President Trump in the 2020 election was that the D’s rigged thermostats in many of the voting locations, so as to enable them to change - in the voting machines -  Trump votes into Biden votes.

There you have it! Ezzey-Pezzy.

There were 89 Republican legislators who signed onto a letter to the Governor asking for: A Special Select Committee To Probe Montana’s 2020 Election: that’s not 100% of Republican legislators in our state! God Bless those R’s who weren’t cowed into signing. God Bless Joe Manchin and Krysten Synema and Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger; God Bless Marc Racicot.

What our state and country need most is political leaders who, as I’ve heard former Gov. Racicot say - will promise fidelity to both our nation’s and our state’s constitution. True patriots, not the January 6th variety. A patriot would know (and a president should) what is written in the 12th Amendment - it’s not complicated.

Montana needs politicians like Mike Mansfield, not Matt Rosendale. Rosendale, our sole Representative, represents the nation’s most populated House District. It embarrasses me that he is a 3%-er. One of only 16 Representatives (16/435=3%) who routinely votes with the GOOFBALLS in Congress.

Were Matt still in the Montana legislature, you can bet he would be the lead goofball of the “ad hoc election integrity committee." Nuff said – Secretary Jacobson, keep up the good work. Goofballs, please stop the craziness. 

Jim Edwards, Helena