Neva Hassanein 

Bravo, Mayor Hess! Your statement against the corrupting influence of big, dark money in our election was terrific. You have my vote!

PAC money from an outside trade group with a huge financial self-interest in Missoula’s economy – like the $125,000 the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) spent in support of candidate Mike Nugent – should have no place in our local elections.

The agenda of NAR and its state and local affiliates often doesn’t align with our community’s goals. The Montana Association of REALTORS, for example, has consistently and successfully pushed bills preventing localities from developing homegrown solutions in support of clean energy, farmland protection, and fair taxation.

Why does the NAR want to spend more in our city’s election than all five candidates have raised combined? What would Nugent do, if he were mayor and these special-interest groups he has been a leader in were at odds with Missoula’s goals. Has he ever stood up to them?

Rightly, Mayor Hess decried NAR’s efforts to influence our elections. This is consistent with Jordan’s thoughtful leadership on clean energy, drinking water, healthy neighborhoods, housing, climate, and more. He's the proven leader we need for an equitable, resilient future. He deserves our vote.