Susan Kohler

Please join me in supporting C.B. Pearson in the Democratic Primary for Senate District 46.

Having worked with C.B over that last few years I know he will fight for our aging population. Montana has one of the largest populations of aging Americans of any state. The rural nature of our state means we need to support current policies and enact new policies, or our older populations will not be able to age in place, especially in small towns.

Through his work as an advocate, he has increased the visibility of aging issues facing our aging population, helped curb the influence of big money, and helped gain new funds to help local services like Meals on Wheels for our older adults.

As your senator he will:

·       Support Medicaid Renewal in 2025 and vote to make Montana Medicaid Coverage permanent.

·       Fight to End Montana ‘s tax on Social Security. Montana is one of just ten states that taxes social security. Let us change that and it means hundreds of additional dollars for those on a fixed income per year, not just a one-time rebate.

·       Seek to fix the tax shift where those with limited incomes pay more and the big corporations and the wealthy pay less.

·       Help create new housing options and seek funds to help older adults stay in their homes.

C.B. Pearson has my support because I know he will be a strong advocate for our aging population.