Jim Martin

Cory Swanson is a candidate for Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court. His recent opinion piece on the Clark Fork Valley Press is a timely reminder that Montana isn’t immune from political bias.

The politicization of courts is a serious threat to our system of government at all levels, federal, state, and local. If Montanans don’t take this threat seriously in November, we risk 8 more years of allowing the Montana Supreme Court to throw out Montana laws because of political or personal motives.

This risk is even more evident considering the politicized Montana Supreme Court’s 4-3 ruling this week that invalidated four voting rights laws enacted by our Montana Legislature in 2022.  With all due respect Montana already has a legislature . . . it doesn’t need a second.

After meeting Cory personally, I was impressed. I believe he will be a great fit to lead Montana’s Supreme Court. His goal is simply to interpret the law impartially and in accordance with applicable law, regardless of the political leanings that the parties and the issues may bring to the Court.

For me, that’s what the judicial system is meant to represent and the reason that I’m supporting Cory in his candidacy for Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court. I hope you’ll support Cory for the same reason.