STOKE Board members (Jim Domino, Tina Homann, John Hahn, Amanda Domino, Brad Racht, Teddy Lewis, Spencer Sellay, Christina Hartman, Mike Bucannon, Alice Brummer, Nykia Mondragon) want to thank Susie Hedalen, Townsend School District Superintendent, for her continued support of our youth programs and especially the Stoke Potters Guild.

We appreciate her knowledge and collaborative work in our meetings to partner with the school to help us develop the best programs for our youth here in Townsend.

Your professionalism, as evidenced in our board meetings, applying a strengths perspective, positive reinforcement, and creative ideas, enhances our ability to serve our community and youth.

We are grateful for your active membership in our STOKE Potters Guild and is another example of your support of our art program as we continue to develop the long -term vision for the arts in Townsend. We appreciate your belief in the value of youth having the opportunity to express their creative self, while developing confidence, leadership skills, muscle memory, science, and entrepreneurship.

As a result, one example of how Arts can serve as a catalyst to support the community was our Empty Bowl fundraiser which earned $1700.00 and was donated to the community food bank.

We also wish to thank Clint Watson, Industrial Arts Teacher, and his students for constructing a variety of tables and a drying cabinet for the potter’s guild. Jeremy Bartlet, Arts teacher, and his students for designing, making, and attaching decorative clay tiles to the guild’s wall. Also, Keith and Christina Hartmann for providing the newly remodeled rental space for our pottery programs. They have been, and continue to be, very accommodating and supportive.

The community businesses also offered space for the artwork made by the students to be sold in the future. One Bulldog graduate traveled to Japan to learn about the Ceramics in that culture, and, is currently studying metallurgy in his first year of college. He plans to pursue goldsmithing as a mixed medium of ceramics while practicing here at the Potters Guild and has also volunteered at several of our events.

The youth and Stoke Board Members are inspired by Susie’s role within this creative process, your positive nature, mutual respect, and genuine regard are the obvious result.  We are so grateful for your continued support, sharing a common goal to expand the arts for the youth and adults in our community.