Lauren Montoya

After years of addiction and being in and out of treatment, jail, and on the streets, I was blessed to find Hope Center Ministries, south of Helena.

Within my year-long residence there, I was given the opportunity to grow closer to the Lord, find my self-worth and identity and learned priceless coping skills.

I was reunited with my family, and best of all, I built up endurance and stamina through the vocational training program. I found that I was capable of going to work every day and even learned I had many skills.

This voluntary faith-based program kept me out of jail and gave me the independence I needed to hold a full-time job in Helena and helped me live a clean and sober life. This program saved my life and was the greatest experience and accomplishment of my life.

Senate Bill 94 treats the year-long program that helped me so much the same as transitional housing. It will eliminate this option for many fighting addictions.

Please let your senators and representatives know you want all programs to be an option as we try to rebuild lives and communities devastated by addiction.