Overturning Roe vs. Wade is only partly about abortion. Mostly, it is about power—the power to control other peoples’ lives.

It’s a well-known playbook: Con voters with an emotionally-charged issue such as abortion—and then use that power to establish authoritarian rule and eliminate dissenters. It is happening now.

Look at the other decisions the Supreme Court has handed down recently favoring the wealthy, making it more difficult to vote, and making it easier for others to impose their religious beliefs on you. Our parents fought to give us the freedoms we’ve enjoyed. It’s time for us to fight for the freedoms of future generations.

Our best shot at doing that? Actively supporting Democratic candidates with our time, money, and vote. This November might truly might be our last chance to change the dark direction our country and state are heading.

And if you’re not worried because you’re white and male? Think again—and study the history of pre-war Nazi Germany and Japan. Sooner or later, the Brett Kavanaughs, Mitch McConnells, Tucker Carlsons, Ryan Zinkes, and Matt Rosendales of the world will find a reason to turn their self-serving, collective eye on you, too.