We have elected two members of the Putin wing of the Republican Party to represent us in Montana, and we’re about to see another one on the ballot.

Steve Daines spent the Fourth of July in Moscow and sucked up to Putin and Trump as they undercut our democracy. Rosendale has the distinction of being one of three – three members of the US House to vote against support for the Ukraine.

Then there’s "Lyin’" Ryan Zinke, our esteemed former Interior Secretary who reminds us 30 times a day that he was a Navy Seal. He leaves out that he praised Putin profusely a couple years ago as a great leader for his country.

And Zinke is all in on Trump, who destroyed our alliances and extorted Zelensky for the weapons that President Biden has poured into Ukraine so they can defend themselves.

These three are a disgrace. They talk tough about patriotism, but they’re liars who take Montanans for suckers. Vote these two traitors out of office, and certainly let’s not send Zinke back so he can embarrass us again.