Elizabeth Mills-Low

Missoula High School Students for Palestine is an organization created to give high school students a voice.

As high schoolers, we have witnessed the immense atrocities happening across the world. High school students often struggle to speak out for what they believe, especially due to familial pressures and a lack of confidence in their own voice. We hope to provide them with that outlet, while simultaneously aiding the Palestineans in Gaza who are being forced out of their homes and murdered.

We are both graduating seniors, and as we look toward the future, we have the painful realization that there are Palestinians our age who do not get the opportunity to think of what comes after school. They do not get to graduate.

We all get to worry about what college we are going to choose, and what career we want to pursue. This is a privilege that we often take for granted.

In creating MHSP, we hope to support those who do not get that privilege. Although our focus is currently on those in Gaza, we plan to leave this organization to students who will continue to give a voice to disadvantaged students across the world.