Dave Harmon

As a former Missoula Ward One – Rattlesnake area, city councilperson and a strong advocate for Montana to address the critical problem of human caused climate change I want to encourage Senate District 46 voters to support C.B. Pearson in the upcoming Democratic primary.

He is a dedicated public lands advocate and lead the campaigns in Missoula County for Open Space and for Parks and Trails.

C.B. is the only candidate for Montana Senate District 46 to receive 3.14 Action Fund endorsement - the one group dedicated to electing Democratic candidates with a background in science.

C.B. believes science should be the fundamental basis of public policy.  Special interests, like big tobacco, big oil, and other polluting industries hate science and want to use their money, their lobbyist, their PR machine to harm the public, pollute our clean air and water, and takeaway health care decisions, all for their profit. 

I know C.B. will fight to Protect our Environment, Clean Water, Public Lands and Natural Areas. C.B. received his Master of Science in Environmental Studies (UM) making him unique in understanding how Climate Change directly affects our way of life.

So much of what we have done in Montana that make it special is based upon decisions and policy based upon science – such as our constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment.

Vote Science, Vote to Address Climate Change, Vote For C.B. Pearson