Jeremy Keene

The Fairgrounds Bond and Crisis Services Levy are a win-win for our community.

Crisis Services is our opportunity to respond to immediate needs - to help people get back on track and be productive, to effectively provide care and treatment outside of more costly emergency rooms and jails. The levy extends services that are making a difference for the most vulnerable people in our community.

The Fairgrounds is our opportunity to invest in long term health - to create places to come together, prevent crisis, teach healthy lifestyles, strong work ethics, and grow our future leaders. The Fairgrounds provides unmatched opportunities for community events, education, and recreation.

These go hand-in-hand. The two initiatives create the support, the places, and the programs that build a strong community.

We’ve done this before. Prior generations of Missoulians invested in schools, parks, open spaces, programs, and places. People live here - and are successful here - because of those investments.

This is our opportunity to respond and invest in the community we want to be going forward.