Kathleen Kimble

I write from the perspective of a Missoula resident for 45 years (with family here before that), and as a longtime attentive observer of our local government, and as a laid-off senior homeowner on mostly fixed income who could likely be taxed out of that home.

The property tax bill, Missoula city's budget priorities, and balancing services to the needy with accountability, are three huge issues for me. Luckily, they are also among the priorities of mayoral candidate Mike Nugent.

Mike's longtime roots in Missoula, his volunteer & work experiences with a wide variety of people, his City Council experience, integrity, and attention to issues of importance to me are among the reasons I support him.

In addition, and perhaps most important: Missoula mayor is a very tough job to do right. It requires having both the spine & thick skin to make tough decisions, as well as having "soft skills" to build collaborations. Mike is ready for the job with all those attributes. Mike has the intelligence, spine, heart, experience, skills, and relationships to be the mayor Missoula needs right now.

Among my reasons for supporting current City Council member Mike Nugent for this unfathomably complicated city government job is that Missoula desperately needs a mayor ready on Day One. Experience matters!

For the above reasons and more, I support Mike Nugent for mayor of Missoula.

Make sure your ballot is RECEIVED at Missoula Elections Office, 140 N. Russell, by 8pm Tues, Nov. 7, 2023. Postmarks don't count. More details and answers to frequently asked questions about voting in Missoula are on the Missoula Elections Office site.