Karen Wickersham

Tom France has spent his life’s work making Montana an even better place. As a graduate in history and law from the University of Montana, Tom argued the case that established Montanans’ fundamental right to a clean and healthful environment.

As an advocate, Tom has stood up for our constitutional right of privacy, and the right of women to make reproductive choices without government interference.

His opponent believes the recent Supreme Court Decision, “got it right” (her words). That decision - the one she says “got it right” - eliminated the constitutional right to obtain an abortion casting aside 49 years of precedent.

She also wants to “defund Planned Parenthood", an organization that has provided medically based health services for women in need for over 100 years.

Tom France, on the other hand, believes women should control their own bodies and is endorsed by both Planned Parenthood and Montanans for Choice. He will fight for reproductive freedom.

Like the majority of Montanans, Tom France believes in the right to privacy and making sure women are free to make personal decisions about their health.

Please join me in supporting Tom France for Montana House District 94.