Jean Curtiss

On February 9th, Missoula County commissioners approved a zoning variance for Corner Farm Village, LLC. Josh Slotnick is a partner in that corporation.

The lack of transparency from WGM Group, planning staff and the Missoula County Board of County Commissioners, especially Josh Slotnick, makes it look like they are trying to fly below the radar.

His name was not mentioned in the presentation. His wife’s name was but they have different last names. While he was not present at the hearing where the decision was made and therefore, did not vote, he should have publicly declared his conflict of interest.

The variance came before the Missoula County Board of County Commissioners of which he is a member. Commissioners Strohmaier and Vero knew this was Josh’s project and should have stated that on the record.

The subject property is within Citizen Initiated Zoning District #13. The regulations prohibit any commercial use and allows 2 dwelling units per acre. There is a variance process and based on their decision, a strong case must have been made for an unnecessary hardship.

I am not questioning the decision but rather the lack of transparency by Commissioner Slotnick and the rest of the Board. We deserve better.