Delia Schmidt

H.B 372 is a greatly misleading and harmful bill being passed through the legislature right now. It is titled “Right to Hunt in the Constitution,” although that right was established already in 2004.

Rather, this bill will add the right to trap, and enshrine in the Montana Constitution that “hunting, trapping, and fishing by citizens” will be the primary means of wildlife management.

Trapping is indiscriminate and inhumane towards the animals caught, and it does not respect “fair chase” hunting principles.

Over one third of Montana is public land, and a constitutional right to trapping will result in our public lands becoming strewn with dangerous snares. Trap Free Montana reports that already, an average of 50,000 animals are killed yearly by trapping, including bald and golden eagles and approximately 25-50 dogs.

This bill would permanently amend the constitution, and so it is important that it is stopped now.

Please call your legislators and tell them to oppose this bill.