Matts Larson

I am excited to offer my enthusiastic endorsement for Sam Kulla as the Ward Three Representative on Missoula City Council.

As a long-time participant in city council meetings, I have personally witnessed the stark difference between Sam Kulla and his opponent, whom is the longest-serving city council person. Sam's commitment to empathy, openness, and genuine engagement stands in stark contrast to his opponent's colder and less empathetic approach to listeners.

Sam's dedication to responsible governance, budget transparency, and addressing critical issues like affordable housing and homelessness make him a compelling choice for Ward Three Representative. However, what sets him apart for me is his authentic care for the community.

On the other hand, Sam's opponent has repeatedly displayed a lack of empathy during public comment periods, even going as far as googling commenters as they talk, muting commenters mics and taking phone calls, undermining the value of open public discourse. Is this really how we should be allowing our open meetings to be run in missoula?

When Visiting Sam Kulla’s opponents website (which is atrocious) the only thing I can see she’s really accomplished in all her YEARS on city council is a failed flavored tobacco/vape ban and unraveling the zoning of the Hipstrip -which paved the way for mega greaseball development ala the missoulian/Aaron Wagner building debacle!

It is clear to me that Sam Kulla embodies the qualities we need in a city council representative – a compassionate leader who values community voices and is eager to embrace new ideas. I am confident that with Sam on the city council, we can work towards a more progressive and empathetic future for Missoula.

Please join me in supporting Sam Kulla for Ward Three Missoula city council Representative this November! Let's bring positive change and a renewed spirit of openness to our city council!