Fred Van Valkenburg

Voters will soon choose who to represent them in the Montana Legislature. I served in the Montana Senate for 20 years and have a very good understanding of what it takes to be effective.

One of the candidates for the Legislature is Tom France. I have known Tom for a long time. Tom is running for re-election in House District 94 – an area that includes the Grant Creek, O’Brien Creek, Evaro Hill, Frenchtown and Huson areas.

By all accounts, Tom is well respected by virtually all of his fellow legislators. In addition, he has spent his professional career working for the National Wildlife Federation. He is thoughtful, even-tempered and open to listening to all viewpoints.

Re-electing Tom is especially important because our state’s future is hanging by a thread. If we don’t re-elect Tom and others who are like minded, we risk everything from serious damage to public education to a radical revamping of our state constitution.

We need a strong advocate, not only voting against bad legislation but also arguing on behalf of a better Montana. Voting for Tom and asking your friends and acquaintances in his district to vote for him is crucial.