Rochelle Glasgow

I have known Andrea Davis for over 20 yrs. In that time, I have seen her as a proven leader, a delegator, a fiscally responsible executive director, a person who has the ability to bridge gaps, no matter who or what their political affiliation may be., and a person who is fiercely protective of justice and doing the “right thing”, for the needs of many.

There is no ego or “I” in Andrea Davis. She champions for all and creates a well-run working environment where there is respect, honesty and a safe place to be heard.

Andrea Davis is the right candidate to run the City of Missoula. Of this I have no doubt. Her actions and her genuine nature show she is true to her word, and she does what she says she will do.

The bottom line is that people really like and respect Andrea, not only as a leader but as a good human being. She is what is right with this world.

Please join me in supporting Andrea Davis as the best person to run our city.