Martin Kidston/Missoula Current

As the city prepares to remove the old Sleepy Inn and ready the site for sale, it may also turn its attention to another West Broadway property slated for redevelopment.

The City Council's Public Works and Mobility committee on Wednesday will consider a construction agreement with Western Interstate to deconstruct the old Wooden Images building, located at 1359 West Broadway.

The $75,000 contract would be largely covered by funding provided by the Missoula Redevelopment Agency, along with smaller amounts from Missoula Water and various utilities.

“Missoula Water believes the building is inhabited and will create a potential public safety risk if the roof is not repaired,” wrote Logan McInnis, deputy director of Public Works. “The Missoula Fire Department investigated potential options for using the building to house its Mobile Support Team but determined that it was infeasible.”

The city acquired the Missoula Water building during its takeover of Mountain Water Co. The city later purchased the Wooden Images building, which is located next door, in 2021.

At some point, the city plans to move Missoula Water to its Scott Street property, half of which is reserved for housing and the other half for the consolidation of Public Works.

At that point, the city plans to redevelop the two West Broadway properties in accordance with its new West Broadway Master Plan.

“The property is intended to be integrated into future redevelopment plans for the Missoula Water property. The building requires abatement of asbestos and lead paint prior to being deconstructed,” McInnis added.

The city in July also agreed to allow MRA to engage a realtor to solicit redevelopment proposals for the Sleepy Inn property. The agency is performing abatement on the building and plans to have it removed by the fall.

The property would then be placed on the market. It will likely be the first property to redevelop within the West Broadway planning area.

“I'm super excited about the future of the Sleepy Inn,” council member Mirtha Becerra said of the proposal in July. “It will serve as a catalyst for redevelopment in that area and help set the tone for what's to come.”

The Missoula Airport Authority is also planning to deconstruct the old airport terminal as work to begin Phase 2 construction begins.

Airport director Brian Ellestad said a number of recycled items already have been pulled from the old terminal, and more will follow.

“We expect over 80% of the building be recycled,” he said.